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Sapphire Garden

Project Sapphire Garden, was a co-collaboration with McDermott & North bringing a child’s fantasy escape to life, as the child explores the world of their dreams. The Music was inspired by the Music Artists previous works as well as songs with similar genres.The goal of the project was to create visuals that help elevate the music experience. We wanted to showcase our talents and skills as well as have a chance to work with other industries. Importantly we wanted to create a visual piece that brought social awareness that is relevant to the public currently.

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Blue Bears Studio


Concept Art


Alex is our main character. We focus on their journey towards a wonderful place with the help of Pudgy and PuffinPudgy is our big goofy cuddly buddy. Believe it or not, he is designed after otters! One of the world's most cutest animals. Pudgy is seen carrying Alex most of the time and is a representation of Alex's strength.Puffin, though smaller than Alex, is a ball of energy. Puffin represents Alex's excitement and innocence.


There are a total of 3 different environments. The first one is Alex's Bedroom, the second is the forest and then lastly, the Theme park.The bedroom colour theme was inspired by Disney's "Paperman". We depicted it in black and white to show how Alex sees their "real world". The forest was inspired by Disney's "Avatar" with some glow in the dark trees and plants. The forest is to show Alex's journey to a "better place".The Theme park is that better place, a place of joy and laughter. It is filled with vibrant colours, colours that a child would see and feel more attracted to.



Theme Park

Theme Park